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If you’re suffering from overwhelming debt, you aren’t alone. Due to circumstances wholly outside their control, millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet and survive the ups and downs of the economy. Many, in fact, have the added physical and financial challenges of a disability.

If you are looking for relief, turn to ADA Group. Our attorneys can assess whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help you attain the financial freedom you need and deserve.

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What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you simply cannot pay your bills, you may consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. So long as you only own what you need to live a normal life, the court will likely discharge a significant portion of your debt without taking any of your property.

This is why Chapter 7 can provide a fresh start. You will no longer need to deal with stressful conversations with creditors on the phone or harassing emails from debt collectors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an automatic stay into effect, which means your creditors must immediately halt their efforts to take your money. If the court discharges your debt at the end of the proceeding, they can never come after you again.

What About Medical Debt?

Not all debt can be discharged (eliminated) through bankruptcy. For example, the court won’t erase your child support obligations, tax debt, student loans, or fines.

Fortunately, medical debt is one type of debt that bankruptcy often completely eliminates. Every filer’s situation is unique, however, and your attorneys can give you an accurate prediction of what bankruptcy may do for your financial future.

How Will Chapter 7 Affect My Social Security Disability Payments?

One of the benefits of Chapter 7 is that your Social Security disability payments will likely stay exactly the same—especially if these payments are your only source of income, and you cannot afford to lose them.

The only exception could be if you are given disability payments in a lump sum. Do not fear, however. Our knowledgeable attorneys at the American Disability Action Group know exactly how to help you file your claim in a manner that can get you an exemption. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can stay right by your side, so you never feel anxious about getting the help you need.