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Experienced VA Benefits Attorneys in Arkansas

United States Veterans are one of our nation’s most precious assets and should be protected. If you or a family member is a veteran that has been injured in combat or is dealing with an illness or condition related to time in service, the American Disability Action Group is here to help. 

If you have been denied benefits from the VA or applying for the first time, the ADA Group is here to help. We have the experience to help with your VA case in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and nationwide.

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I Was Denied VA Benefits. Can I Appeal?

Being denied benefits from the VA can be devastating, but it is not the end. The fact is, the VA denies approximately 75 percent of claims the first time. There can be many reasons why your claim is initially denied, including: 

  • Incomplete information
  • Not enough evidence to support disability
  • Not enough evidence to make a service connection
  • Disability was determined to be pre-existing
  • Determined to be ineligible to receive benefits

Luckily, many veterans who are initially denied VA benefits ultimately get approved through the appeals process. Having an attorney on your side during the VA appeals process gives you a significantly better chance of ultimately being approved for benefits. 

The professionals at the American Disability Action Group have experience getting VA denial claims approved and can help with your case today. The professionals are able to handle all of the paperwork for you from start to finish and do the extra work to get you approved. This may include getting a more favorable medical opinion, presenting additional evidence, proving eligibility for benefits, and much more. 

I Am Applying for VA Benefits for the First Time. Can a Lawyer Help?

As stated earlier, most VA benefits claims are denied the first time. Often, this is due to the veteran providing insufficient information for the claim. Having an attorney involved from the start can avoid this situation and help you receive benefits quicker. 

The ADA Group is a different kind of veteran’s benefits attorney in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The group works with you from start to finish, providing all the relevant information and dealing with all of the paperwork so you don’t have to. 

Being denied benefits causes a severe delay in disability pay. Get an attorney on your side from the beginning to save valuable time on your road to disability benefits. The ADA Group can help you get on your way today with a free consultation on your VA claim.