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Although many Social Security disability applications go through the process by themselves, even more face challenges that require the help of an expert. Only one in three disability applications are approved, leaving many without the benefits they need. A Social Security disability lawyer works to get disability benefits to those who qualify, but there are many other things a disability lawyer can do. 

Reviews Your Case

Whether you’re planning to apply for benefits for the first time or need assistance with an appeal, you might feel unprepared to go through the process alone. Maybe you’re unsure whether you qualify and you want to be sure that you’ll win your claim. When you consult with a disability lawyer, he or she can review your case to help you understand the process and go in fully prepared. Your lawyer can give you an honest idea regarding your chances of winning a claim so you know what to expect. 

Helps Gather Medical Evidence

Medical evidence plays an important role in building a strong case for your Social Security disability claim. In order to qualify for SSI or SSDI, you must meet the Social Security Administration’s strict criteria. Because having a qualifying condition isn’t enough to guarantee benefits, you must provide medical evidence that proves your inability to work due to a disability. A lawyer can help you obtain medical records and other evidence that is relevant to your case. Keep in mind that SSDI and SSI may have different criteria for qualifying, so you may need additional information if you qualify for both. 

Fine-Tunes Your Application

Many SSDI applications are denied due to a lack of information. Social Security disability lawyers know what a successful disability application looks like, so they can help you fill out your paperwork to include the correct information needed to be approved. On the other hand, too much information can hurt your case and result in a denial. Your lawyer will look over your application before you submit it to give you the best chance for an accepted disability claim.

Handles Your Appeal

The claims denial for disability benefits is higher than you’d think. In fact, the majority of applications are denied the first time. If you’re among the many who have received a denial, you should know that you have the option to appeal the decision. The appeals process can be intimidating for some, but hiring a skilled attorney who can represent you takes off the pressure. Your lawyer will guide you through hearings after building a strong case to improve your chances of an approval. 

Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney Today

If you have questions about what a disability attorney can do for you, contact the American Disability Action Group today. During your free consultation, you can discuss your case with a member of our law team. We take a hands-on approach to each client’s case to provide a personalized service tuned to their needs. With decades of experience and countless claims won, we are ready to help you through your disability claim.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how the ADA Group can help.