Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers in Arkansas

Appealing Disability Denials Throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the United States

If you have a disability, you are likely familiar with the challenges of the Social Security Disability system. The application process is time-consuming and complex, which is why it might feel unbelievably frustrating when you receive a denial notice. We have received innumerable accounts from our clients telling us how their legitimate claims have been outright denied, or how they waited for many years before they even received their first benefit.

If your application to SSD has been denied, you still have the possibility to appeal. To avoid receiving unfair treatment as you appeal, it is crucial to have one of our Arkansas disability appeal lawyers at your side. Not only can the American Disability Action Group protect your rights to Social Security Disability benefits, but we can even help you attain relief from debt through the benefits of bankruptcy.

What to Do if Your Application for SSD Has Been Denied

Because the SSD application process is so complex, denials are actually highly common—over 67% of applications are denied the first time around.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to achieve a successful appeals process, including:

  • Having your attorney apply for a reconsideration request, making sure to appeal to medical examiners and consultants who did not vouch for a denial
  • Within a period of 60 days, requesting an opportunity to stand before a judge of administrative law, who will take the time to thoroughly review your case and consider all evidence
  • Seeking the opportunity to be reviewed by the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council, which will scrutinize any areas where the judge could have made a mistake