Social Security Disability Income (“SSDI”) payments play a key role in supporting those who have a disability. If you rely on these benefits for your day-to-day living costs, it is essential to understand the benefits you may be entitled to. This blog outlines the available monthly SSI disability benefits in Arkansas, emphasizing the essential details that can make a significant difference in the lives of those with a disability.

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SSI Eligibility and Maximum Benefit 

To qualify for SSI disability benefits in Arkansas, one must meet specific criteria, including having worked jobs that are covered by social security, having a current financial need and a disability that prevents substantial gainful activity. In 2023, the maximum available SSDI payment is $3,627 per month. If you are eligible for Social Security Income (“SSI”), the maximum payment is $914 monthly for individuals and $1,371 monthly for couples. At this time, Arkansas does not pay a state supplement, like many states do.

There are several factors which influence the actual calculation of the SSDI you are entitled to, including living arrangements, income, and assets, among many other factors. The maximum payments also change each year, so it is crucial to consult an experienced attorney for the most up-to-date figures and eligibility requirements.

Navigating the Application Process

Applying for SSDI benefits can be a complex and often lengthy process. The extensive paperwork, medical documentation, and compliance with specific regulations make legal expertise invaluable. Clients seeking these benefits in Arkansas must be prepared for a thorough evaluation of their medical condition and financial situation. Your attorney will play a crucial role in ensuring your SSDI applications are meticulously prepared, that you are prepared and informed throughout the whole process and that you are able to prepare required documents and information well in advance of any hearing, which will increase your chances of a successful outcome.

The Role of Your Attorney

Your attorney will know the law and regulations surrounding SSDI and will be able to guide you through the list of qualifying disabilities. In addition, the attorney will prepare your SSDI application, collect, review and prepare all evidence associated with your application, and file it with the Social Security Administration (“SSA”). Your lawyer will be a strong and knowledgeable advocate for you if your application runs into any issues. Finally, your lawyer will appear at any hearings or matters pertaining to your SSDI application.

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In conclusion, SSI disability benefits in Arkansas are a crucial lifeline for individuals with disabilities and financial hardships. By staying informed about the latest requirements, and leveraging your attorney’s experience and knowledge, you can access the support you need. The team at the ADA Group are known as the most aggressive social security disability firm in Arkansas due to our experience and approach. Contact us today for a free case evaluation at 501-254-6955.