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As a veteran, you expect to be taken care of after experiencing a physical or mental disability  during your time of service. But your first attempt at filing a claim with the VA was denied. Do you give up? Appeal your claim with the VA? You may feel discouraged, but almost ¾ of VA claims are denied initially. If you are ever denied your VA benefits, you should always appeal the decision. 

Why was my VA claim denied?

After carefully filling out the paperwork and going through all the hoops to submit your claim through the VA, you may wait months only to receive a denial. Why is that? There are several reasons the majority of claims are denied in the first round. 

  • Missing, Incorrect, or Incomplete Information – Your claim can be denied if any information on your form is missing, incorrect, or incomplete. Maybe you left out some information or details you didn’t think would be important or mistyped your social security number. Small mistakes can lead to your claim being denied, and while they’re simple to fix, it means that you must file an appeal.
  • Disability Not Service-Related – If the VA doesn’t receive enough proof that your disability is related to or happened during your time of service, they will deny your claim. They also need to know that the condition wasn’t pre-existing. Upon appeal, a lawyer will be able to help you gather all the evidence you need to prove your claim. 
  • Insufficient Evidence – Along with needing proof that your disability was caused by your time in service, the VA also needs actual proof of your disability. It may be evident to you, but they will need official documentation of your disability before they can approve your claim. In order to appeal, you’ll want to look over all medical records to make sure nothing is missing or left out. 

How Can You Make Sure Your VA Claim Will be Approved?

Although a VA claims denial can be disappointing, it’s not the end of the process. Many appeals are approved once the reason for the initial denial is discovered, and the sooner you can file your appeal, the sooner you can receive the treatment and benefits that you deserve. That’s not to say that the appeal process is simple, though. Depending on the reason you were initially denied, you may need to take certain steps to ensure your approval. 

That’s where an attorney can prove helpful. They can assist in collecting evidence to support your claim, fill out paperwork for you, and ensure all other parts of the process go smoothly. An attorney can even represent you in the event your appeal goes all the way to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

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Hiring a veteran’s benefits lawyer will greatly improve your chances of getting your VA claim approved. You served your country; now it’s time to receive the benefits you deserve. The appeals process can be lengthy. If you’re facing a VA disability denial, don’t hesitate. Contact the American Disability Action Group to get the support you deserve. Our VA benefits experts can look over your denial to help you greatly increase your chances of an approval.