Some aspects of a disability case can be confusing and intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the American legal system. Procedural rules may seem esoteric to those who do not have experience working on disability cases. The disability lawyers at the American Disability Action Group have years of experience representing clients in disability cases. 

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Common Mistakes Made in Disability Cases 

Claimants often make mistakes when they apply for disability benefits. An applicant may not retain a disability attorney and then attempt to complete the application without the assistance of legal counsel. The rules governing the social security disability program can seem confusing. However, a disability lawyer can help you understand the language used by the Social Security Administration

You may need to set forth evidence substantiating your claims that you cannot work because of the limitations imposed by your disability. It is possible that you are unsure whether you can work or not. A disability lawyer will guide you through every stage that must be completed for you to prove that you cannot work due to your disability. 

The vast majority of disability claims are denied after the initial application is submitted. But you can have a better chance of receiving disability benefits if you retain a disability benefits lawyer. A skilled attorney can request medical records, speak to the Social Security Administration on your behalf, meet all filing deadlines, and question witnesses who will testify at the disability hearing. 

Disability Hearings 

Disability hearings can sometimes be confusing to claimants who do not understand how the Social Security Administration operates. Some Administrative Law Judges will not conduct hearings unless a claimant is represented by legal counsel. If you have a hearing that gets continued, then you need to retain a disability lawyer as soon as possible so your disability hearing can go forward. 

Although disability hearings are formal, they do not take place in courtrooms. No jury or members of the public are present during a disability hearing. The hearing monitor will be present to make an audio recording of the disability hearing. Also, a vocational expert will review your employment history and determine if you can continue working in another field. A medical expert will be present to discuss your medical records and the severity of your disability. 

The individuals who provide testimony must do so under penalty of perjury. The Social Security Administration has particular rules and regulations that oversee how the hearings are conducted by the participants. These rules are known as the Social Security Rulings and the Program Operations Manual System

The Time to Apply for Disability Benefits 

Applying for social security disability benefits takes time. Individual applicants should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income if they have an injury that has lasted for at least twelve months and has prevented them from working for at least six months. 

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