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There are a lot of programs that help people with disabilities find a living when they can’t work or have difficulty working. SSDI and VA benefits are two of the biggest disability programs in the country. This may lead you to wonder if you can be on SSDI and veterans benefits at the same time. This is a very valid question, especially at a time when more and more disabled Americans are struggling to make ends meet. American Disability Action Group is here to help you find answers and we may be able to provide legal help too.

What Are The Requirement Differences for SSDI and VA Disability?

In terms of qualifications, SSDI requires you to have a work history with paid Social Security taxes. For VA disability, you must be a veteran who has sustained or developed an injury or illness (mental or physical) while on duty or had a preexisting condition that worsened due to your service.

When it comes to eligibility, VA benefits are a lot more flexible than SSDI. With VA benefits, you will receive a rating from 10% to 100% which will dictate your level of pay. With SSDI, you are either disabled and unable to work or you don’t qualify for the program. However, with both programs, your disability determination is up to the program itself and must meet program guidelines.

3 Things Veterans Need to Know About SSDI Benefits

Can You Collect SSDI and VA Disability Benefits at the Same Time?

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There is nothing in either program that prevents you from collecting benefits from the other. You can collect both at the same time without any penalty. VA benefits do not limit you in how you earn income or how much you earn while on the program and SSDI does not count veterans benefits towards its substantial gainful activity amount.

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You do have to apply for both programs separately and getting approval from one does not mean necessarily getting approved for the other. Applying for both programs can be a little complicated and will have different hoops you need to jump through and both follow different timelines for approval. However, if you think you qualify for both, then you should absolutely apply for both. Otherwise, you are just leaving potential benefits on the table that could make your life easier.

Need Legal Help With VA Benefits or SSDI?

When applying for programs like SSDI and VA benefits, you will likely face denials, lower-than-expected ratings, and more that will impact your benefit amount. For this reason, many eventually seek legal help in obtaining their benefits. Such help requires a specialized team of lawyers and legal experts.

If you need legal help with either getting your VA benefits, adjusting your VA rating, or getting approved for SSDI benefits, then the American Disability Action Group may be able to help. We have experience with both SSDI and VA benefits, and we can get you the benefits that you deserve. You can reach out to us today for a consultation!

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